Sierra Madre Shrine Club

Sierra Madre Shrine Club was conceived as Sierra Madre Shrine Oasis in the year 2005. It began as Isabela Desert under the Maginoo Shrine Oasis which was a member of the Philippines Shrine Association. Noble Romy U. Cua, the Deputy High Shereef of the Maginoo Shrine Oasis proposed the creation of the Sierra Madre Shrine Oasis in Isabela, since many Nobles who are members of the Maginoo Shrine.

In the same year, the Sierra Madre Shrine Oasis was constituted in Olongapo City under the presidency of Noble Francis Lovero, Philippine Shriners Association, with Noble Romy U. Cua as the first or charter High Shereef.

It was during the term of Noble High Shereef Melchor Taob that the Aloha Temple transitioned to Mabuhay Shriners Philippines.

As of December 2015, there are 56 Nobles in Sierra Madre Shrine Club. Stated Meeting is every 2nd Thursday of the month.


Noble Name Of President Noble Name of 1st VP Noble Name of 2nd VP
President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President
Noble Name of Secretary Noble Name of Treasurer Noble Name of Chaplain
Secretary Treasurer Chaplain
Noble Name of Auditor Noble Name of Marshall
Auditor   Marshall