Saigon Shrine Club

During the height of the Vietnam War, there were American soldiers who became interested in the brotherhood organization called Freemasonry. In pursuit of their interests, they have decided to come to Manila to petition for a degree to be Master Masons in one of the Philippine lodges. Eventually, they got accepted and were raised to the sublime degree of Master Masons. As brethren, they had to attend to different gatherings and projects organized by the lodge. In one of the gatherings, they noticed brothers wearing the “RED FEZ”. It caught their interest and they decided to ask the brethren about it and learned that these brethren were called “NOBLES OF THE MYSTIC SHRINE.”

The Shriner’s objective is to help the burn and crippled children, which is the basis of the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. Learning the honorable objectives of the Shriners, the American brethren decided to become members of the Shrinedom. Since the American soldiers came all the way from Vietnam, they have decided to call their group the “Saigon Shrine Oasis”. They adopted the Vietnamese Dragon as a symbolic logo for their official uniform. The Vietnamese dragons are symbolic creatures in the folklore and mythology of Vietnam. According to an ancient origin myth, the dragon brings rain, essential for agriculture. It represents the emperor, the prosperity and power of the nation.  Like the Chinese dragon, the Vietnamese dragon is the symbol of yang, representing the universe, life, existence and growth.

As of December 2015, there are 348 Nobles in Saigon Shrine Club. Stated Meeting is every 3rd Thursday of the month.


Noble Name Of President Noble Name of 1st VP Noble Name of 2nd VP
President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President
Noble Name of Secretary Noble Name of Treasurer Noble Name of Chaplain
Secretary Treasurer Chaplain
Noble Name of Auditor Noble Name of Marshall
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