Kabukiran Shrine Club

The club has been formed and constituted during the incumbency of Ill. Potentate Avelino I. Razon, Jr. way back in 2012, the first informal meeting was held in July of the same year at the office of RW Alan Purisima, Assistant Chief Rabban, who at that time is also a CHIEF DIRECTORIAL STAFF OF THE PNP now  a Past Grand Master and Immediate Past Illustrious Potentate of Mabuhay temple Philippines.

As of December 2015, there are 129 Nobles in Kabukiran Shrine Club. Stated Meeting is every 1st Friday of the month.


Noble Name Of President Noble Name of 1st VP Noble Name of 2nd VP
President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President
Noble Name of Secretary Noble Name of Treasurer Noble Name of Chaplain
Secretary Treasurer Chaplain
Noble Name of Auditor Noble Name of Marshall
Auditor   Marshall