Bamboo Shrine Club

Bamboo Shrine Oasis is the oldest Shrine Club of the Mabuhay Shriners Philippines. The Charter members of Bamboo Shrine Oasis were mostly members of the US Armed Forces and a few American civil government employees stationed in the Philippines. The start of the pilgrimage to Manila was undertaken by Nile Temple in 1914 through the efforts of Noble George “Jerry” Henderson, the purser of S.S. Minnesota in accordance with the wishes of Noble General John Pershing and Noble William F. Gallin, Jr., pillars of Bamboo. Being the premier Oasis in the Orient, Bamboo was also instrumental in forming the Philippine Shrine Association and for many years it remained the only contact of the different Temples through their Ambassadors, who were all Bamboo Shrine Oasis members.

Since its inception, Bamboo Shrine Oasis has served the cause of crippled and burned children by providing the necessary medical and surgical assistance, especially to distressed members of the community. Crutches, braces, walking shoes, wheelchairs and the like are among the facilities given to their patients. Severely burned patients are even treated in one of the Shrine Burns Institutes in the USA.

As of December 2015, there are 331 Nobles in Bamboo Shrine Club.  Stated Meeting is every Last Wednesday of the month.


Noble Name Of President Noble Name of 1st VP Noble Name of 2nd VP
President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President
Noble Name of Secretary Noble Name of Treasurer Noble Name of Chaplain
Secretary Treasurer Chaplain
Noble Name of Auditor Noble Name of Marshall
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